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Albania is a state in south-east Europe. It has a population of 3,563,112 inhabitants, of which 95% Albanian, 3% Greek and other small minority group. It covers an area of 28,749 kmq. Albania is situated on a border with Montenegro and Kosovo to the North and North East, FYR Macedonia to the East and Greece to the South. It is washed by the Adriatic and Ionian seas to the West and separated from Italy through the straight of Otranto, of  82 km.

Area: 28.748 km2 (11,000 square miles)

Population: 3,544,808 inhabitants

System of government: parliamentary democracy

Head of state: president elected by Parliament every five years www.president.al

Capital: Tirana

Monetary Unit & Exchange: Monetary Unit Albanian is LEK-ALL. Banknotes come in denomination of: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 Lek,and in coins of  5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Lek. Currency exchange exchange rates (Dice, October coirca 20102 139 Lek to the Euro).

Official Language: The National language in speaking and writing in Albania is Albanian language (part of the Indo-European family). In Albania about 50% of population communicate in Italian, English, and Greek language.

Weights and measures: Metric

Electricity: The electric voltage which is used in Alnania is 220 V, 50Hz.

National Anthem: Himni Flamurit (The Hymn of the Flag)

International Dialing Code: + + 355

Religions: There are three official religions in Albania: Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic, which cohabit in
full harmony.

Italian Embassy in Tirana

Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II, No.2 Tirana, Albania

Embassy Phone: +355.42.275900

(switchboard through, also valid for the Consular Chancellery)

Embassy Fax: +355.42.250921

Consular Chancellery Fax: +355.42.250920

Phone service for emergencies active H24:

068.2027063 (Italy: 00 355 682 027 063)

Emergency number countrymen H24: +355.42.274900

e-mail Embassy: segreteriaambasciata.tirana @ esteri.it

Useful Numbers

First Aid: 127 (ambulances and emergencies). Number of active only in Tirana.

Police: 129 (emergency), 126 (traffic police). Numbers only active in major urban centers

The monetary unit is called Albanian "Leke." Many businesses such as hotels and restaurants accept payment in Euros.

For guidance is valid Italian driving license.

It 'expected to enter Italy by identity card and / or passport. EU citizens don’t need a VISA to enter the country.

The engine of the economy and trade policy Tirana.La Albanian Albanian capital has about 800 000 inhabitants.


Albania has a Mediterranean climate . Albania is characterized by hot dry summers, bright sunny days and generally mild winters with abundant rainfalls. The period from June to September is warm while from 0ctober to may it is cool and wet.

The Kitchen: The Albanian cuisine has been strongly influenced by the cuisine of Western Europe and the tank to ‘the neighbor’ Italy it’s easy to eat Italian dishes often cooked in a truly excellent way.

The Sea, the Mountains, the Parks and Nature:

Albania is a country that is open to the world, with its great beauty, one of the most beautiful and hidden corners of the Old Continent. The Albanian coast is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. It boasts an excellent sea and clean with nearby excursions to lakes, rivers, islands and mountains. There are also great opportunities for nature lovers, eco-tourism and for lovers of extreme sports to practice them at the beach, in the mountains, especially in the many national parks. Its coastline, lapped by the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, measuring 363 km. The western plains bordering the Adriatic Sea, in particular the Strait of Otranto, which separates Albania from Puglia, in the Far East that channel consists of Punta del Salento Palascìa is about 72 km from the Albanian coast. The territory consists of a small piece of flat land and agriculture (700,000 hectares of agricultural land mainly in the coastal and lowland areas of Myzeqe and Korca), while most of the territory is hilly, mountainous and very inaccessible. The highest peak reaches 2753 m in height. The inland climate is mainly continental, while the coastline is characterized by a Mediterranean climate.

In a money-point of view an holiday in Albania is convenient for everybody. It’s very peaceful and quiet, away from the chaos, in pleasant places of rare beauty. The beautiful mountain and rural tourism is well developed and this truly accessible to everyone.

The hunting can be practiced in the rich ecosystem of the region.

With its variable climate and unspoiled landscapes, Albania has a great variety of plants and is home to a number of rare species of birds and animals in other parts of the world have disappeared or are disappearing. The broad areas of oak forests are the homes of wolves and foxes, while the forests in the mountains are home to bears, wolves, wild cats and other animals. The deer, roe deer and wild boar can easily be found in large numbers throughout the country.

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